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Our schools adopt and adapt the philosophy of Continuous and Comprehensive Education (CCE) system of CBSE, to practice education for all, without any sort of discrimination that the needs of this age group are addressed. The prime focus of the school is same as to the CBSE board. It follows the methodology of CBSE syllabus integrated with the international “Baccalaureates-PYP” (primary year program) from pre-nursery to std-V, blended in the uniqueness of Indian contents using international methodology to optimize learning. It practices a skill based curriculum and is content driven too. The examination and evaluation processes are very dynamic to keep pace with the changing trends of research in education. It continuously works on innovations in teaching–learning methodologies by devising students friendly and student’s centric systems. The classroom conversations are designed to generate inter-disciplinary knowledge through interactive sessions by creating opportunities for processing information. Therefore our schools believe the concept of healthy mind in a healthy body. Similarly a conductive and positive environment breeds sensitive, self motivated and goal oriented citizens who are proud of what and how they are. It opens the window for children to the world outside and makes them perceptive of the communication in the real world. It counsels the children to choose careers intelligently and ensure children to excel in whatever they do.

The 3-C Play-Off :

The 3C stands for character, competence and content. The 3Cs form the framework of the entire curriculum. The curriculum is learner-centric and child-friendly ensuring that children love to learn.


Character :

Building of good habits, character and humanity means a lot in the primary stages of life and sets a foundation for wholesome of life. In our schools, we generate confidence, vivacity and cheerfulness within the students to have a strong belief in the main stream of the society, which are the most important factors developed here in India. The school inspires the students to cultivate the following 12 qualities in themselves, such as independent, balanced, responsible, honest, confident, tolerant, courageous, committed, enthusiastic, Respectful. Self-esteemed and empathetic to enable them grow into contributing citizens, leading a wholesome of life.


Competence :

Developing competence is developing skills. A competent person always reaches greater heights in his life both personally and professionally. In our schools, the competencies within students are dealt thoroughly and consciously by innovative, diligent, communicative teachers, who are passionate in solving problems. Real life experiences like field trips, educational tours and such experiences in school life help children to acquire better understanding of the world around them and the global perspective also forms a part of the developmental process of the children’s mind.

Content :

The knowledge in our schools is not only gained through books, but also the research oriented process helps the children to in-calculate and develop their curiosity and trans-disciplinary thread of, what I know, what I want to know, what I should know, what I learn, how do I learn, what should I learn and how should I learn, etc to ensure their moral and psychological development and reflect their learning become insightful. Some of the important key elements besides academic achievements are sports & physical education and performing arts, form the integral part of the curriculum.

News & Updates

Dear Parents,

1. Jaipur Branch is now Updated on Council website, please check the given URL :

2. Admissions are open for Play group, Nursery, LKG and UKG, Class 1 to Class 4

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