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Courses of Study

  1. Play group - Activity based learnings, Rhymes, Basic strokes, More Verbal Communication
  2. Nursery to UKG - English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Hindi, Drawing & Activity
  3. STD I- STD V:  English, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science/Social Science, GK,Computer, Hindi, and Drawing & Activity

Examination System

The School follows a system of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) pattern as per CBSE criteria. The school gives due weightage to each term exam and monthly test. Each academic session will be divided into two equal parts. Again each individual part will contain two Formative exams and a Summative exam. After that every Monday weekly test will be conducted by the Class Teacher / Subject Teacher.

Assesment :- Assessment is the integral part of all teaching and learning methods, as thorough understanding of students learning requires three components such as assessment, evaluation and reporting. Our schools have a goal of thorough and effective guiding of students through the five essential elements of learning such as acquisition of knowledge, understanding of concepts, asserting of skills, development of attitudes and decision to take action. The prime objective of assessment is to provide feedback of learning process to both the teacher and taught. Assessment is the gathering, recording and analysis of data about the student’s progress and achievements. Evaluation is the making of judgments and decisions based on the interpretation of accumulated data reporting and sharing of clear and accurate information with parents/ guardians, students and educators.

Pre-Assesment :- Pre-assessment in shape of weekly and monthly class tests will help the teacher determine flexible grouping patterns as well as which students are ready for advance instruction.

Formattive Assesment :- It is conducted to provide information that is used in order to plan the next stage in learning. It is interwoven learning and helps teachers and students to find out what the student already knows and can do. Formativeassessment and teaching are directly linked and function purposefully together. Formative assessment aims to promote learning by giving regular and frequent feedback.

Summative Assesment :- Summative assessment is the culmination of the teaching and learning process and gives the students opportunity to demonstrate what has been learnt. It measures understanding of the concept and central idea and promote  students towards action.

Effective Assesment, Evaluation And Reporting :- The assessment and evaluation of students learning is intended to inform and ensure effective improvement only. The achievements in both curricular and co-curricular activities are reflected in progress card. The attendance and achievements are also shared with the parents.         

  • 1ST PERIODIC TEST - AUGUST 2ND WEEK (Portion (%) according to Syllabus)
  • HALF YEARLY EXAM. - OCTOBER 2ND WEEK (70% from Half yearly Syllabus ) 30% from 1st Periodic Exam.
  • 2ND PERIODIC TEST - JANUARY 2ND WEEK ( Portion(%) according to Syllabus)
  • ANNUAL EXAM. - MARCH 2ND WEEK (Annual Portion + 2nd Periodic + Half yearly + 1st Periodic,              Annual + 2nd Periodic = 60% [60% + 20% + 20%]

This is not applicable for Play group Children                

News & Updates

Dear Parents,

1. Jaipur Branch is now Updated on Council website, please check the given URL :

2. Admissions are open for Play group, Nursery, LKG and UKG, Class 1 to Class 4

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